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Please be patient with our response time on emails.
If you are in crisis, go to your local hospital

CAABI is a WatchDog & Advocacy Group
Headquartered in Mason City, IA.

Covering all of Iowa Since 2008

CAABI is a community based organization, which strives to keep kids safe at school across the state of Iowa.
We work with parents, advocates, and school administrations to see that it can happen for your child.
As communities in Iowa, we have the power to stand up for the better good, and see that our schools remain safe.

We believe that mediation is a viable option for schools to come to a good conclusion, and end conflicts. 
Mediation is a good alternative to lawsuits.
Lawsuits may be necessary if both parties cannot come to a resolve.

The events we schedule, are set up so that kids feel free to relax, and talk if they wish.
These events also are a great way for children to create friends and recognize differences.


Our goal is to reduce 95% of the bullying happening in our schools and activity centers, and to raise awareness.
There is so much to be learned from those who have gone through it. How to relate to them, and how they can be helped if they are a victim.

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